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Our Top 12 Gifts For The Mind Body And Spirit

With Easter just around the corner, Leica and I at Shambhala have named March our 'Mind Body Spirit' month. So to celebrate, we called upon a few awesome businesses to see what they are upto and came up with our Top 12 Gifts for the Mind, Body and Spirit. Enjoy!

1. The Perfect Easter Basket Addition

Easter is almost upon us and these delightful pottery figurines make the perfect addition to any Easter basket, and are a wonderful example of a gift that gives twice!  Each figurine stands between 3 and 6cm high and are just $6 each from Shambhala House.  The detail and workmanship in each one is purely amazing.

All figurines come from the Thanh Ha Pottery Village in Vietnam. Due to international companies coming to the shores of Vietnam, the villagers found themselves on hard times so used their time-honoured skills to produce beautiful pottery items that appealed to wider markets outside of Vietnam.  This has allowed them to continue to pass down to younger generations the skills and techniques inherited from their ancestors, while giving the village a commercially viable industry to continue to preserve their traditions and support themselves financially. 

These figurines are selling out fast so get in quick. They are on our website! And please feel free to message us for more details.

2. The Gift of Spiritual Wisdom

Open up the channels of spiritual wisdom with this beautiful Wisdom Pendant and Ring gift pack valued at $127 from Shambhala House (including shipping).

The stones in this gorgeous pendant combine to help open up the mind to spiritual wisdom:

  • Amethyst, which aids spiritual wisdom and opens spiritual and psychic channels
  • Rose quartz, which aids self love and healing
  • Rainbow moonstone, which releases the wearer from old patterns they wish to change, thus opening up for new learnings
  • Pearl, which holds energy of integrity and purity. 

The ring is a smaller version of the pendant and our ever popular jewellery pouch, made by a wonderful social enterprise for people with disabilities, complete the set.  

This gift pack is available on our website.  You can also message us for more details ... we'd love to help you.

3. Reconnect With Yourself

Emma Makepeace from A Tribe of Dreamers has written this wonderful eBook, Reconnect With Yourself, which can be downloaded for just $8! It is filled with over 40 pages of mindset and mindfulness practices that she uses as part of her self-care and personal development daily routine. It contains:

  • 50 journal prompts to dive deep into your mindset, to get clear on your desires, your fears, and to re-write old stories in new and uplifting ways

  • Guiding questions and activities to discover your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns

  • Guiding questions and activities to define your core values and how these will help you be clear on your dreams

  • Daily Gratitude worksheet

  • Mindfulness activities for connecting with yourself and the present moment in just a few minutes a day

  • A list of some of Emma's favourite resources for personal development and mindset work.

With consistent daily use, these prompts and activities can be used to manifest the life of your dreams! Emma has a beautiful blog on her website so head on over for some inspirational stories on her tribe (you might find a blog on us in there too!), and tips on yoga, self care and much more.

4. Laugh Love Live A Little More

The greatest gift for ourselves is to laugh, love and live everyday with joy in our hearts. These great Love Laugh Live bags are also a fun way to add some colour to your day.  They are made of leather and come in a variety of colours and are great as a clutch bag, make-up bag, carrying travel documents and much much more!  

Our Laugh Love Live bags are $55 each and are available on our website or at Our Tiny Emporium (37 Tank Street, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia). 

5. The Gift of Self Healing and Love

Help prepare your spirit for love to enter your life with this beautiful Self Healing and Love Pendant gift pack valued at $128 from Shambhala House (including shipping).

This combination of red and pink toned colours opens up your heart for self healing and love. The stones featured are:

  • Rose quartz, which aids self love and healing
  • Rainbow moonstone, which releases you from old patterns in your life in preparation for the healing process
  • Carnelian, which balances sexual energy
  • Pearl, which represents integrity and purity for true love
  • Garnet, which dissolves emotional imbalance and redirects energy flow in the body.

The pendant in this gift pack comes on a 60cm silver chain and the set also includes our ever popular jewellery pouches made by a wonderful social enterprise for people with disabilities.  

Head on over to the Shambhala Shop or message us for more details! We'd love to help you.

    6. Bags Made From the Soul

    Check out this beautiful range of bags, all made by a Balinese artist named Kadek from Candidasa, East Bali. Kadek had a vision to simultaneously keep his village’s weaving tradition alive, and generate a stable income for as many people in the village as were interested by creating a home industry.
    Kadek's dream and these beautiful products are what inspired Belinda and Leica from Bali Coast to begin their business journey of supporting amazing artists in Bali and opening up their markets. The prices vary so checkout their website ( and follow them on Facebook (Bali Coast) and Instagram (bali_coast).


    7. Give Twice In The Kitchen

    The kitchen is the place we prepare the food to nurture our bodies. In most people's homes, it also becomes the gathering point for the family each day, and the place where guests congregate too.

    This nurturing extends outside the home as many of us each week are preparing and taking food to different events.  Why not add a little more karmic soul to your kitchen with these amazing kitchen items made by a disabilities group in Indonesia, Yayasan Cheshire Indonesia. The workmanship that goes into their beautiful range of products is amazing. 

    Prices vary from $6 to $43 so check out Shambhala's website for more details!

    8. Learning More About Crystals

    Recommended by and also sold at Our Tiny Emporium (37 Tank Street, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia) for $19.95, Crystal Awareness by Catherine Bowman is a great way to  learn the secrets of crystals and how to use them for meditation, healing, and personal energy.
    It contains just about everything you need to know about crystals and covers everything from: the basic nature of crystals; their powers; the types of crystals to use in healings; clustering crystals; differences between small crystals and large ones; and much more. It is a practical approach and a great learning tool to begin your crystal journey with or add to your library. Get your copy today.

    9. Balancing Your Body's Chakras

    We just love our 'Yin Jewelry' spiral chakra pendants and last time we had them in stock, they didn't even make it to our website. 

    The stones of the Brass Spiral Chakra Pendant help balance our chakra energies, and include:

    • Crown chakra - rainbow ( moonstone)
    • Third eye chakra - indigo (amethyst)
    • Throat chakra - blue (turquoise)
    • Heart chakra - green (peridote)
    • Solar plexus chakra - yellow (citrine)
    • Sacral chakra - orange (cornelion)
    • Base chakra - red (garnet).

    We have put together this lovely Chakra pendant gift set with one of our ever popular jewellery pouches made by a wonderful social enterprise for people with disabilities. Available on our website for just $47.

    Message us for more details! We'd love to help you.


    10. Delights from Bali: the Land of Mind Body and Spirit

    Bali Coast's ever-expanding ethically source range is now seeing its supplier base growing to include:
    • An older lady called Ibu Agung who lives near Ubud and weaves baskets and sun visors from rattan, and makes lovely round bags using water hyacinth reeds
    • A young woman, Chi Chi, who lives in Denpasar and sews bed throws and cushion covers at home each night after her children go to bed
    • Another young woman, Tina, near Ubud who makes reusable bamboo straws. Bali Coast is supplying these bamboo straws into Australia at cost price in a bid to rid our beautiful country of single-use plastic straws. Contact them for more details!

    Belinda and Leica from Bali Coast have only just begun their business journey and are dedicated to supporting the amazing artists in Bali and opening up their markets. The prices vary so checkout their website ( and follow them on Facebook (Bali Coast) and Instagram (bali_coast).


    11.  A Gift for the Mind, Body and Spirt

    Recommended by and also sold at Our Tiny Emporium (37 Tank Street, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia) for $28, Healing Crystals by Michael Ginger contains all the important information for about 555 healing gemstones in a neat pocket-book!

    This is the second updated edition and is based on new findings in mineralogy and new experiences and research results in the field of gem therapy. The book is clear, concise and precise in style, with photographs of each of the crystals accompanying the text, he describes the characteristics and healing functions of each crystal. Get your copy today!

    12. A Gift From Our Angels

    This is a book that I read recently and have been recommending it everywhere.  It is '10 Messages Your Angels Want You to Know' By Doreen Virtue. It is a book that truly did lift my spirits. 

    It is a nondenominational book, containing 10 comforting and inspiring messages in the collective voice of God’s angels, who already know the questions in your heart. They deliver divine wisdom on important topics such as:

    • Your true identity
    • Free will
    • Relationships
    • Healing
    • Spiritual and earthly fulfillment
    • . . . and many more.

    This book can also give you guidance if you open it to a random page. 

    I bought my original copy from Our Tiny Emporium in Gladstone but it is also available for $19.95 from QBD.

    We hope you enjoyed our Top 12 List. If you would you like some help in putting together gifts for the Mind Body and Spirit, then message us for our VIP shopping service and we can help you out!

    May the month of March fill your Mind, Body and Spirit with Love, Happiness and Joy! 

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