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Our Top 10 Gifts to Celebrate Women Around the World

Ahhh ... the age-old tradition of gift giving is one that is spread throughout the world and is a common thread in many cultures. Its origins extends back centuries and was a tradition to enhance love and strengthen the relationship among friends and relatives. And these beautiful sentiments have remained throughout time and continue today. 

A gift that gives twice adds special meaning to this tradition. It is a beautiful way to tell someone you love and appreciate them while also helping to change the life of others. This is our Top 10 Gifts To Celebrate Women Around the World.  Each is from a business that in some way supports women and children.

And in turn they make the perfect birthday, thank you or Mothers Day gift for grandmothers, mums, aunts, sisters, girlfriends, nieces, daughters and granddaughters throughout the world.  Or why not a gift for yourself? 

1. Shine Your Light On The World

Shine Your Light on the world with this beautiful rattan handbag lined inside with batik material and accompanied with this lovely notebook.  This gift that gives twice is $36.50.

Bali Bag and Notebook

2. Wise Owls of Wisdom

Wise Owls are popping up everywhere and this collection makes a beautiful addition to any little girl's bedroom. This gift that gives twice is $43.50

3. Keep Calm

This pack comprises a lovely hummingbird notebook, Keep Calm keyring and a beautiful rattan handbag. The handbag is lined with gorgeous handprinted material that draws to a close to keep your purse and extras safe. It is the gift that gives twice for $42.50.

Handbag, notebook and keyring

4. Hope, Dreams and Balance

A sign of Hope to remind us everyday of possibilities, beautiful silver Flower Chakra earrings to balance our energies and a Dream Away pouch for odds and ends. This gift that gives twice is $136.50.

Hope sign and dreamcatcher pouch

5. The Gift of Love

A sign of Love accompanied by this gorgeous handbag, which has been lined with material that draws to a close to keep your purse and extras safe. This gift that gives twice is $48.

Love Sign and Bag

    6. Shopping Is My Cardio

    Add a little bit of fun with this Shopping is my Cardio pouch accompanied with this red silk lined notebook ... the colour of luck and money in Chinese culture. This gift that gives twice is $29.


    7. The Yogi In All Of Us

    This yoga bag accompanied by this silver Iluminati pendant is perfect for the Yogi that exists in all of us.  The Om when chanted is said to settle the mind and induce calmness, while the Lotus is the symbol of purity and spiritual awakening. It is the journey from darkness to the light of knowledge and wisdom. This gift that gives twice is $69.

    8. Love Pink!

    A gorgeous pink silk lined notebook with dragonflies accompanied by this pony keyring and whale hairband.  A lovely gift pack for a little girl or the inner child in all of us. This is the gift that gives twice for $28.  

    9. Dinosaurs and Rabbits!

    This ever-so-cute Little Dinosaur bag (with carry handle) and pouch accompanied by this rabbit keyring. Together they are the perfect gift for a child. It is the gift that gives twice for $31.Dinosaurs and Rabbits

    10. Love and Prosperity

    Invite into your life love and abundance with this Walk the Path Of Your Own Heart banner, accompanied by this gorgeous Prosperity pendant and bright blue purse This is the gift that gives twice for $74.50.

     Banner, pendant and vietnamese wallet.

    There is so many women in the world doing amazing things. They are developing their own businesses and industries that provide themselves with financial security, which gives them a means to support their families. They are involved in social enterprises for the disadvantaged, people with disabilities and more.  So much love goes into what they do. So why not pass this love and passion on to those special people in your life.

    All are available on our website as gift packs or message us if you would like items separately. 

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