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Our Idea - Our Passion - Our Uniqueness

Every business starts with an idea. Ours was just before Christmas 2016 when I messaged my sister, Leica, with an idea of starting a business specialising in home decor items accessories and gift wares. This probably doesn't sound like an original idea, but our uniqueness is sourcing our product range from community-minded small businesses and talented artists from around the world.  

The Idea Behind Shambhala House

Having moved to Jakarta, Indonesia six months previously, I had spent time wandering the streets of my new city checking out stores and going to Christmas bazaars. I was so impressed with the many talented people designing and making beautiful, original and high-quality products.  

The owners of these businesses comprise a cross section of people both Indonesian and foreign, all employing local people and, often, doing things to make a difference in the lives of people whose monthly wages are often less than $200 a month and in a country where there is no social security system. Some of these businesses have specifically been set up to provide a venture for less privileged people to give them a means of supporting themselves today and in the future.  

Our idea is to tap into businesses like these in Australia and around the world to give customers a means to access their unique products. Sounds so simple really and, having run the concept by many people, it was one that appealed to many.

Our Passion

Our parents owned a small business all our lives in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia so we understand the work involved in running a business and the value it has within the local community. This passion is a driving force for us. The concept of creating a network of small businesses supporting each other across the world is one that we believe in. Profits generated stay within communities and go towards paying for medical bills, education, housing and food.  

Bringing The Uniqueness Of The World To You

I have lived overseas for more than 12 years and Leica is an international travel agent where part of her job is for companies to fly her to destinations around the world to bring back that knowledge to her clients.  Like all, we too have our favourite brands and shops, and we have realised that you can access these in just about any country you visit, including Australia.

But we believe that people are all looking for that something that is different, original and unique to give our homes their own personality, express our own selves and that give that special gift to friends and family.

Shambhala House aims to build a product range that does just this.


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