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Jewellery - YIN Jewelry For The Soul

Shambhala House is pleased to include in its range, Yin Jewelry For The Soul.

Yin is a beautiful range of jewellery from Bali, Indonesia that is designed to nourish the soul. Its inspiration is a reflection of the earth’s energy, borrowed from nature and spirit guides.

Yin’s approach to business is inline with Shambhala House’s Ethos of supporting community-minded small businesses and talented artists around the world by providing an avenue to sell their unique products.

Yin is involved with three very different programs that give back to the community where they live and work. They support Bumi Sehat (a free birthing clinic), Pelangi School scholarship program, and Kerobokan Jail silver-smithing daily program.

Yin also operates under the principles of Fair Trade. In brief, they pay their artisans better than fair price per piece of jewellery, a price that is set by the artisans themselves. No children are employed, and female silversmiths are valued and paid the same as their male counterparts. Artisans are also given the freedom of working from their own home according to their own schedule to ensure they can meet their own family and spiritual needs. Both, of which, are important to the Balinese people.

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