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Who We Are

Every business starts with an idea. Shambhala's was just before Christmas 2016 when two sisters, Leica and Carolyne, came up with an idea of starting a business specialising in home decor items, jewellery, accessories and gift wares. However, their uniqueness is sourcing their product range from community-minded small businesses and talented artists from around the world.  Shambhala's dream is to create a network of small businesses and artists that are doing good things in the world. A network where people can connect and feed each other to bring their wonderful products to the world.

The Shambhala Speciality

Shambhala specialise in home decor products, jewellery, accessories and gifts that are sourced from community-minded businesses and talented artists in Australia and Indonesia. In 2018, Leica and Carolyne plan to spread their wings and source from other countries.

Worldwide Personalised Service

Take advantage of Shambhala's personalised shopping service by messaging them! They have new stock arriving all the time so this is a great idea as not all products may yet be shown on the website!

They can also ship anywhere in the world. This can be done through this website's checkout facility or you can also contact Leica and Carolyne directly to organise!

Meet The Sisters!

Both Leica and Carolyne were born in Dampier in Western Australia. Their parents owned a small business for most of their lives in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia so they understand the value it has within the local community.  Profits generated within small business stay within communities and go towards paying for a family's needs , e.g. medical bills, education, housing and food.   

Meet Leica Turnbull
Gladstone, Queensland

Leica is mother to two great teenage kids, Connor and Paige, and has lived in various places all over Queensland, Australia from Townsville to Toowoomba. 

She returned to Gladstone in 2011, which saw her immediately offered her job back as an international travel agent at Departure Point. Leica's day job as an international travel agent sees her travelling to some amazing places in the world and, in turn, gives her access to new markets for Shambhala House.

Meet Carolyne Hepi

Carolyne is a Mum and Step-Mum to four wonderful children: Shayla, Billie, Nate and Dylan. Her husband, Jon, and his work has taken Carolyne on an adventure for the past 13 years, which has seen the family living overseas in places like West Papua and Kalimantan in Indonesia, and Mongolia.  She is now living in Jakarta in Indonesia. Living overseas  gives Carolyne everyday access to people that are doing some amazing things, many of whom are supporting disadvantaged communities.

She is plugging back into her Public Relations days and employing her degree again - Bachelor of Business (Public Relations) from Queensland University of Technology. Carolyne also does Freelance writing so message if you would like copy written for everything from your website to newsletters, award submissions, media releases, speeches, etc. 

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