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Blue and White Horse

Blue and White Horse

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These delightful pottery figurines make the perfect gift, and is a wonderful example of a gift that gives twice!

This figurine was made in the Thanh Ha Pottery Village in Vietnam. This village was established in the 15th century, where the residents traditionally made pottery items to serve the daily lives of the native people in domestic markets, eg bowls, jars, pots, animal shapes, etc.  

Following challenging times, economic difficulties and foreign competition, the local people have turned their time-honoured skills to produce beautiful pottery items that appeal to foreigners and the international market, while still incorporating their traditions.  This has allowed them to continue to pass down to younger generations skills and techniques inherited from their ancestors, while giving the village a commercially viable industry to continue to preserve their traditions and support themselves economically. 

Dimensions: All figurines between 3 and 6 cm high