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Brass Chakra Pendant: Crown - White/Violet - Moonstone

YIN Chakra Pendant: Crown - White/Violet - Moonstone (Brass)

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The seventh chakra is located at the top of the head and is related to pure consciousness or enlightenment. It is our connection to higher realities.

Each pendant in this collection features its own ancient chakra symbol and a coloured stone that relates to the vibration of the chakra. Wear these pieces to keep your chakra healthy and glowing strongly, and to open the chakras to energy from heaven and earth.

Each piece comes with its own card explaining the meaning of the Chakra and a black suede chord. Please specify the coloured chord you would like.

2.40cm l x 1.90cm w. 

Click here for other chord colours (black, avocado, blue sky, burgundy, dark brown, lavender, purple, red and turquoise).