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Silver Mule Jewel - Bamboo Tree Pendant

YIN Mule Jewel - Bamboo Tree Pendant (Silver)

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Bamboo represents strength and flexibility. No matter how you band bamboo , it wont break . It always returns to the original shape. Remember to be flexible but strong in life.

These pendants are made by prisoners at Kerobokan jail in Bali as part of the Hope rehabilitative art project. Proceeds from the sale of these pendants go back into buying silver, tools, and supplies for this project. This is giving the prisoners a hope for a future once they are released.

Dimensions: 4.00cm l by 3.00cm w

Each pendant comes with a black suede chord. 

Click here for other chord colours (black, avocado, blue sky, burgundy, dark brown, lavender, purple, red and turquoise).