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Brass Shiva Mantra Mandala - Personification of Consciousness
Lokah Mantra Pendant - May Att Beings Everywhere Attain Happiness and Freedom Card

YIN Shiva Mantra Mandala Pendant - Personification of Consciousness (Brass)

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One of the three Hindu gods is Shiva, the destroyer: also thought of as the recycler.  Shiva destroys harmful patterns and thoughts, creating room for healthy habits and behaviours. Use this Mantra Mandala to help you attain your highest level of consciousness, from where you can clearly see the path of your true desire and your best self.

Available in Silver, this pendant comes with its own recycled card explaining the meaning of the Mantra Mandala, and a coloured suede chord. More suede chord colour are available.

Diameter 2.50cm. 

Click here for other chord colours (black, avocado, blue sky, burgundy, dark brown, lavender, purple, red and turquoise).